Robert Huston, AMFT, APCC

Life can be difficult at times. Something I have learned over the years, through my personal experiences, career paths, academics, and family/relationship struggles. We are all susceptible to the trials and tribulations of life. Whether caused by your actions, the actions of others, or some external forces. You may be experiencing a difficult period in your life. Wanting and needing support during this troubled time. I offer that support through an unbiased, open-minded, and non-judgemental partnership with you. 

I do mean partnership. I believe that we all possess the potential for improving our situations. However, identifying that potential is not always easy. Especially, if it has been concealed by mental and emotional obstacles. Leaving us to wallow in our struggles. My role is to help identify your inner strengths and resources. By employing a therapeutic approach that is most suitable to your identity and individuality. Which I do through trust, openness, honesty, and a strong working alliance. Together, I am certain we will uncover your hidden potential and find workable solutions to your life’s problems. 

Whether life circumstance, coincidence, or the universe has brought me to your awareness. Consider this the first step on your path to life change and improvement. On your courageous journey forward. Allow me the privilege of supporting your efforts through my thoughtful and conscientious guidance. If that is agreeable and conducive to your goals. Now, consider taking the next step on your path. Feel free to text me directly (707.372.1963) to schedule a phone consult. I look forward to us discussing your ongoing journey. 

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