Diego Huston, MFT Trainee

My role as a therapist is to be an agent for exploration, healing, and personal growth. Of course, any progress we make together can only occur in the context of a working relationship between you and me. To that end, I promise to prioritize honesty, compassion, and your unique needs in our work together.

Ideologically, I don’t limit myself to one philosophy or worldview. I borrow wisdom wherever I can find it, whether that’s from literature, spirituality, or my professional training as a clinical counselor. Similarly, the clients I treat are from all walks of life, and no single therapeutic style can serve all of their unique needs. For this reason, I take an eclectic approach in my practice and will tailor our therapy to meet your individual goals.  

Outside of my counseling practice, I consider myself a cinephile, am an avid reader and enjoy gardening. Admittedly, my wife and I have adopted far too many stray cats, but neither of us have the heart to stop bringing them into our home. As best I can, I lead my life with authenticity, integrity, and compassion.

If you’re reading this, then you have the courage to ask for the help you need. Whether you’re struggling with new challenges, battling old demons, or just looking for a safe space to share your feelings, I would be honored to serve as your guide and provide the support you need. Please feel free to text, call, or email me directly to schedule a free phone consult. Contact me at ‭(530) 219-9293‬ .

As an MFT trainee, I work under the clinical supervision of Rulik Perla, PhD, MFT #43965

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