Family & Divorce Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

Flexibility: Rather than have the Judge impose an outcome, the parties work together in the mediation to craft an agreement that meets everyone’s needs. Mediated settlements can address issues and utilize creative solutions that the court does not have the ability to address.

No one loses: In mediation, the goal is to find a collaborative solution that meets both sides’ needs; additionally, mediated settlements are proven to be a more efficient and reliable way to resolve cases and reach agreements

Convenience: Mediations are on schedule regularly, at your convenience. Parties call (530) 601-1003 to schedule a mediation when it is convenient for them – including nights and weekends.

Confidentiality: Neither parties nor mediators may use statements made during the mediation against other parties in open court. The law protects statements made in mediation in order to encourage open discussion and settlement.


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