Hali Hansen, AMFT

When we suffer from trauma, childhood hurts, or long-term stress, we can become disconnected from ourselves, leading to harmful behavior patterns and preventing ourselves from living our lives fully. You can do the inner work in a warm, non-judgmental environment where I provide a warm, non-judgmental space. I am dedicated to helping you discover your internal guidance, build on your strengths, and develop resilience. 

My interest in marriage and family therapy stems from my belief that change can be achieved through meaningful interpersonal relationships – by breaking generational trauma cycles and connecting and communicating in new ways. In addition, I believe that one of the most important relationships you can have is your own. The therapeutic process can provide you with a mirror through which you can reflect on the values, beliefs, and experiences that have led you to this point – and whether they are still serving your well-being. As a therapist, I work to support people in identifying and achieving their unique goals, individually and as a group.

After graduating from Alliant University’s School of Professional Psychology in 2022, I have gained experience in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, internal family systems, and somatic approaches. In order to find the best fit for each client as an individual, I combine mind-body modalities with evidence-based practices to treat adjustment issues, trauma, and chronic stress. 

As part of my client-centered approach, I customize therapy according to the needs of each client, and work with community providers in order to provide clients with a well-rounded support system. I am a registered Associate of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences #138594. 

My goal is to guide you in connecting to your emotions, help you understand your thought processes, and find effective ways to manage your feelings and/or behaviors. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when trying to navigate through confusion or chaos, but remember that the answers you need are already within you. Accessing your inner strength is not only achievable, but it has the potential to transform.

As an Associate Clinician, I work under the clinical supervision of Carmen Isais, LMFT #115123. If you have questions or would like to explore counseling with me, please reach out now at 530.341.8180 or complete the request for a free 15-minute initial consult and schedule a call with Carmen Isais, our clinical supervisor, to make certain we are a right fit. 

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