Carmen Isais, LMFT


My Approach

My life philosophy is simple. I approach life with dedication, integrity and a sense of humor. The latter always comes in handy. A native Californian, I’ve been lucky enough to three different countries and have learned that no matter the land or language, people crave love and union. People are waiting to tell their story, be heard and accepted.

In 1993, I left the States to study abroad. After graduating from University of Maryland’s European Division, I remained in Italy for several years and returned Stateside to Davis where, aside from being a mother to four wonderful, little human beings, I began, grew and ultimately sold two successful businesses before co-founding Life Compass.

Currently, I reside in and am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of  California.  Those who have ultimately decided to work with me, know me to be a good listener, a sage advisor, a creative problem solver and hold the ability to motivate.

I believe nothing happens by accident and there is a reason you happened upon my website and are reading this now.

I offer fast, result orientated solutions to your problems. My cognitive and empathic approach can help you gain clarity and find direction.  As an Integral Coach and Psychodynamic Therapist, I genuinely listen to my clients and give honest feedback. Personal emotions are valid, but sometimes based on faulty belief systems. Let me bring to your life a new perspective.

I help my clients identify personal and professional goals, then develop realistic, practical strategies and action plans. I teach with specific insights and skills to empower the client toward their intent. No stride is too short! I encourage my clients to celebrate the achievement of all milestones.

Whatever stage of the path you find yourself at today, I can serve as a guide toward making meaningful choices that simplify and enrich your life.

You are reading this now because you have chosen to step bravely towards a new path… I can guide you towards this goal.

Carmen Isais is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #115321

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