Brandi Bell, AMFT

I am passionate about helping others discover their strengths to navigate the challenges in life, learn new skills to deal with the changes that come in life, and rediscover the ability to create solutions to fit their world. As a therapist, my style involves collaborating with clients and empowering clients on their journey. I work with clients to foster self-awareness, learn new coping skills, build on strengths, and empower clients to move through perceived barriers toward their goals.My experience in mental health has allowed me to assist clients struggling with depression, anxiety, impulsivity, substance use, and self-esteem issues in group therapy as well as individual therapy. I also have experience with helping clients make lifestyle changes to manage weight and in managing chronic conditions in order to have a better quality of life.

I look forward to supporting you through this important work of taking care of your mental health to improve your overall wellness.

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  • License No. and State: 85962 California
  • Supervisor Name: Lee Donald Ockenden
  • Supervisor License: 38216 California
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