Clinical Supervision with Carmen Isais

Individual and Group Clinical Consultation and Supervision

In the realm of professional care, ongoing skill refinement is paramount. Remember, you are your most pivotal instrument. Ensuring you have a confidential space to openly explore thoughts, emotions, and perspectives related to your professional endeavors is essential for optimal growth. The healthcare field continuously evolves, presenting novel challenges with every unique clinical scenario. With the right guidance, navigating these intricacies becomes a smoother endeavor.

I offer specialized supervision both individually and in group settings for mental health professionals, whether in private practice or agency-based roles. My services cater to therapists seeking assistance with:

  • Fulfilling supervised hours towards licensure.
  • Seeking clinical consultation beyond agency-provided supervision.
  • Guidance on establishing, growing, and managing their practices.
  • Elevating the quality and impact of their work.
  • Addressing challenging and non-compliant clinical cases.
  • Understanding and leveraging induced emotional reactions (countertransference).
  • Engaging with individual clients, couples, and group therapy sessions.
  • Enhancing confidence and skills in handling complex trauma cases, high-conflict personalities, and personality disorders.

I’m dedicated to fostering an environment characterized by understanding and respect, where every concern is valid and every goal is attainable.

For a personalized consultation and to discuss if we’re the right fit, please reach out at 530.601.1003. Supervision fees are tailored based on individual needs.

Announcement: A new Case Consultation/Supervision Group is in the works for Spring 2024. 

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