Crystal Garcia, Integrative Health Coach

“I will remain true to myself through utilizing my strengths while still owning my weaknesses, and continually working on those weaknesses to better improve myself, so I can best support those in need through honesty, love, and transparency.”

My name is Crystal Garcia, I am a Life Coach with Life Compass Integrative Health Services, and my mantra is “There is joy in me, and there is joy in all of those around me”, and I strive to learn, love, and appreciate life.

This is something I have come to further understand throughout my life. Everyone is so different, even those who have grown up in the same community, or even in the same household. We all handle things differently, need different things, and aspire to accomplish different priorities. Everyone has struggles, and even though those struggles there are joys. This is why I chose to follow the path to Life Coaching so that I can support you in finding your joy, your meaning, and your why. During our sessions everything is about you, your lifestyles, and what you want to integrate or remove from your way of life.

As your Life Coach, I will support you through clarifying manageable goals, identifying obstacles, and strategies to overcome these obstacles. I am offering to be a guide through a journey to reaching your best self, your healthiest self, and your happiest most authentic self.

If you decide to take the next step, move towards breaking out of a habit, develop further into self-confidence, or even fall into a new habit, it would be a privilege to be your coach. And together as a team we will identify and establish behavioral, and social lifestyles that will support your overall wellness.

My coaching work at Life Compass focuses on managing stress and anxiety, restoring resiliency, and fostering self-compassion and self-acceptance. If you have any questions or would like to explore coaching, please feel free to contact me directly:  tel: 530.341.8180 .

As an Associate Certified Coach, I work under the mentorship of Carmen Isais, certified coach and licensed marriage and family therapist.

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