Aarti Subramaniam, Phd., MFT Trainee

A safe, empathetic and validating space is essential for healing and self-leadership.  Using a client centered approach, I create that space with my clients, to foster a sense of compassionate curiosity and self-awareness. This allows clients to move towards a more authentic way of being and living. 

I draw from various modalities depending on client needs.   I find experiential techniques  especially useful to identify and locate emotions that are at work in your mind and body in the here and now. We can work across the developmental and mind-body spectrum of experience, from understanding our own nervous system and stress response to what we do with our emotions. What are the feedback loops that put more pressure on us and create more stress?  When we find that patterns that were adaptive at one time are not as useful any more, we can move toward change for healthier ways of being and relating. 

My previous graduate experience (Phd in Human Development) allows me to bring developmentally informed practice into my work with children, adolescents and the family system.  I believe in neuro-diversity and strengths based counseling for children and use modalities that help them express themselves through play.   I am also a parent (of three) which brings humility and non-judgment into my work with families.  

I look forward to working with you. As an MFT trainee, I work under the clinical supervision of Carmen Isais, LMFT #115123. If you would like to set up a consultation with me, you can call Carmen directly at 530.601.1003 or schedule with me directly below.

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