Lee Ockenden, LMFT

Lee Ockenden, LMFT serves as Clinical Director and Supervising Therapist of Life Compass.

As a seasoned psychotherapist and trainer of more than 15 years, Lee Ockenden has guided both individuals and couple through breakthrough and growth.  Lee Ockenden’s psychodynamic approach is flexible, creative and allows for deep and profound growth.

His philosophy is based on a deep-seated belief that each person holds the key for his or her success, whether in work, family or relationships. Along with formal psychology models and proven coaching techniques, Lee Ockenden is flexible and direct, calling upon a myriad of techniques, each specific to the client, organization, and/or situation.

My Approach

Who we are and how we relate to the world and others is dictated by the meaning we give to our past. But if we choose to find the purpose in our experiences instead of the pain, we find new resources, giving us the catalyst to change, grow, heal and pursue the life we desire and deserve.

Traditional therapy was founded in psychoanalysis with the assumption that an individual’s growth and change process was hinged on gaining insight and into their behavioral patterns by processing, free-associating and reflecting on their past. Inside this traditional “treatment culture,” it is not uncommon for a client stay in treatment long periods of time, lasting anywhere from three to seven years or more, including multiple sessions per week.

I believe that traditional therapy can foster dependency and create barriers for lasting change. I often hear from new patients who have been to therapy for many years that they felt their last therapist(s) were too passive. Rather than embracing a “backward-looking—coping” approach, I embrace a “forward-looking—thriving” approach by focusing on resolving barriers to change, identifying solutions and creating choices. This approach, inside a safe supportive and consistent counseling environment, encourages clients to use their own innate resources to heal.

In addition, I am also clear that my clients will ultimately find their support and accountability through their partner, family or community and I encourage my clients to create a healthy support system outside the office.

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