Clinical Supervision with Lee Ockenden

This page is for graduate students completing their degree in marriage and family therapy, professional counseling or a registered associate obtaining your hours toward licensure.

Lee_Ockenden couples counselor

Since 2005, I have been a Clinical Supervisor.  In addition to supervising clinicians through Life Compass, I also offer Clinical Supervision to BBS Registered Counseling Associates (AMFTs, APCCs, and ASWs) who are employed where clinical supervision is not provided.  A Letter of Agreement (or Contract) must be signed between Employer, Associate, and Clinical Supervisor. 

My approach is Associate-Centered and I believe in the importance of mentoring new counselors to hone their skills while maintaining the integrity of the counseling profession.  My ultimate goal is to help develop professional, knowledgeable, and confident therapists.  Some of my strengths include:  

  • Teaching Associates to conceptualize a case while developing their skills
  • Teaching Associates how to navigate systems while maintaining legal and ethical standards
  • Helping Associates understand the intersectionality of clients to better treat the whole person
  • Teaching Associates how to bring a social justice perspective into the therapeutic alliance.

To learn more about Clinical Supervision, please email me through the Contact page or call me at 530.902.6772.  

Individual Supervision is available in office and can be done either in person or face-to-face online.  Group Supervision rates vary depending upon group size. 

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