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Life Compass Counseling is a California nonprofit counseling group located in Davis, California. Our purpose is to provide high quality, affordable psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals, couples, and families.

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Life Compass Offers

  • Fees adjusted to client need.
  • Flexible Hours: We have convenient day, evening and weekend appointments.
  • Excellent Counseling Services: For adults, couples, families and adolescents.
  • Therapy Groups: We offer therapy groups from time to time.
More About Our Services

Dedicated. Experienced. Professional.

It is our belief that everyone deserves to be nurtured and supported during their healing process; therefore, our mission has been to create a high quality place of service for Clients that is financially accessible. Our sessions are are offered in a warm and peaceful environment.

Who We Are

Refining Strong Emotions

6 Week Workshop

In this six week workshop, we will roll up our sleeves and take a Zen approach toward working directly with strong emotion, getting past the stories and developing a set of practical skills to create a sense of flow as the water of life moves through us.

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