Ken McNeill, APCC

When you decide to seek help and change, it can feel like heading into unchartered territory. You take the first step, and the way is uncertain. Starting from our very first session, my job is to be the best possible guide for your particular journey, to support, understand, clarify, and accompany. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, relationship distress, or physical symptoms, I consider myself privileged to serve you and be a part of the solution.
We are all striving towards wellness. However, emotional suffering is inevitable. This is simply a part of being human. Sometimes, we get stuck in cycles of distress and confusion, and we need help to get back on track. In session, I draw on connection, neuroscience, creativity, and mindfulness in order to catalyze change and move towards healing.
One powerful approach we will use is to explore, understand, and befriend the different aspects, or “parts” of ourselves, and how they interact internally and externally. In doing so, we find that we have the capacity to become our own therapists/counselors and heal those parts of us that were in some way wounded in the past.

If you have any questions or would like to explore counseling, please feel free to contact me directly:  tel: 530.341.8180 .

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