David Mendelmar, ASW

It takes courage to be willing to face your pain and seek out therapy. I honor your knowing that you are capable of a better life and deserving of deep happiness and fulfillment. As your therapist, I accompany and guide you on a holistic journey of healing.

My approach to therapy is based on compassion— compassion for every part of yourself and your experience. If you have ever felt judged, ashamed, frustrated, or afraid of aspects of yourself you wish were different– impulsive or addictive behaviors, anger, low-self esteem, mood swings, anxiety and panic, depression, loneliness, procrastination – I am here to offer you an alternate experience.


My practice is grounded in providing the unconditionally caring and positive regard that we all deserve. I provide a space where you can feel safe to show up and discover yourself without fear of judgment. I am committed to helping clients learn to understand the meaning of their experiences– why you do the things you do or feel the way you feel. From that place of self-knowledge, I help you find the power to make different choices and attain the inner calm you have been seeking. I firmly believe that every person has the capacity to live a full, rich, meaningful, and connected life. No matter how severe your pain or how extreme your behaviors seem to you or others, I will lend you my confidence in your capacity to grow and change for the better. I am committed to helping clients find the unique inner strength and wisdom that each of us holds inside, which is the key to healing and recovery.

My extensive therapy experience with culturally-diverse populations has given me comfort in working with any client who is seeking therapy services.  I have worked with young children, adolescents, adults, and families struggling with issues as varied as relationships, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders and body image issues, chronic mental illness and psychosis, self-harm and suicidality, and addiction. My clients have taught me that no problem is too great or too small to merit deep and sustained therapeutic attention.

I specialize in the treatment of PTSD, complex PTSD, and relational trauma. Perhaps you have experienced or witnessed an overwhelming, painful, or violent event, and are struggling to find stability in your day-to-day life. You long to move on, yet continue to feel stuck in your painful past.  Or perhaps you have experienced the more subtle trauma of long-term emotional neglect or shaming by caregivers who never gave you the attention, care, and understanding you so deeply needed. You may have thoughts such as “nothing really happened to me” or “other people had it so much worse,” yet still know deep-down that something prevents you from feeling the trust and connection you long for. My practice is grounded in validating your unique story, helping you uncover your sense of self, release your burdens of shame and fear, and claim the joy, meaning, and connection that is rightfully yours.

I have specialized training in the treatment of eating disorders and addictions. Perhaps you find yourself stuck in cycles of emotional eating or binging and restricting food, dieting, overexercising, purging, and body image obsession– wanting so much to be “normal” around food yet feeling so powerless over extremes of overindulgence and self-deprivation. I utilize research-supported therapeutic practices to help you find safety, balance, and positive relationships with food and the body.

I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and have extensive experience providing gender-affirming care to adolescents and adults struggling to come to terms with their gender and sexual identities. I understand from both my personal and professional experience that coming out is a lifelong process. Living as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in a heteronormative world entails unique challenges to our mental health and personal relationships. I offer a compassionate and validating approach wherever you are in your personal journey of gender and sexuality.

As a ACSW, Registration #95041, I work under the clinical supervision of Carmen Isais, LMFT #115123, and Lee Ockenden, LMFT #38216.

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