Amy Yockus Hartman, ACSW

Maybe the racing thoughts and anxiety have become overwhelming and lead you to doubt yourself and your decisions? Maybe it’s tough to just get out of a bed in the morning, or you just keep pushing and striving, but have a hard time accessing a sense of fulfillment and peace? Maybe you feel like you’re always giving to and pleasing others, but don’t ever feel nourished and “filled up” yourself?

You have a natural blueprint of health, wholeness, and wellness that is always available and accessible to you. You also possess an innate capacity to heal, and to go through change and transition with ease. As a therapist, I’m here to help you tap into your natural blueprint of health, your own inner guidance and your core, embodied self, as a means of freeing up energy and charting the path to the vision you have for your life.

I offer supportive, practical, and gentle guidance to help you move through challenging emotions and major life transitions in order to come back to yourself, a felt sense of your body, and your own deep
knowing. In addition to being a therapist, I’m also a yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and environmental advocate. I work with adults, couples, and children, and would be honored to meet you where you are
on your journey.

As a ACSW, Registration # -103129, I work under the clinical supervision of Carmen Isais, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #115123

If you have any questions or would like to explore counseling with me, please reach out now at tel:530.341.8180.

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