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WHEN: Every Thursday, 7:00
Please join our Meetup group to RSVPdavis ca meditation group — $5.00 donation is kindly requested.


Living Zen is an ongoing workshop where human beings can learn the mechanics of zen practice and collaborate with their peers to develop and integrate a stronger sense of ‘here’ and ‘now’ into their individual lives.  It is, in short, about how you practice zen in your life outside the meditation hall when it comes down to just you and the world.  Our focus is on how to meditate, how to carve out a path of practice, and how to deal with the thoughts, people, and objects which seem to vex our efforts to simply live in synch with the world around us.

If a person looks up, above the cars on the street and the many voices spilling out of sidewalk restaurants, it can seem that there is very little to the sky.  But if a person waits and listens, it is possible to see the shape of an owl glide from one tree to another, and gradually it becomes apparent that the downtown streets are filled with owls.  For some, a realization might arise that there is something hidden and yet interwoven into the fabric of this thing we call ‘Davis’.  We mean to find it.

The group will feature a short reading each week, meditation, and a small group discussion on how to bring a little zen into our lives.   No experience with zen or meditation to attend.   Just bring your heart.

An optional posture clinic will be offered half an hour before each meeting.

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Lee Ockenden serves as Clinical Director and Supervising Therapist of Life Compass. As a seasoned psychotherapist and trainer of more than 15 years, Lee Ockenden has guided both individuals and couple through breakthrough and growth.

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