Yon Walls, MA

I love the natural world. Born in a small town in the state of Kentucky, as a child, the beauty of the natural world was everywhere.  It was wondrous and stabilizing. Without a doubt, the experience has much informed my work as a Therapist. So I ask; have you ever encountered a stunning tree or flower, a mountain or a beautiful sky and feel in those moments that all is well—body and spirit? Hold a hand of a child and have renewed faith in the future? We all have the capacity for self-healing!

A therapeutic relationship can initiate the natural process of healing. Through reflection, deeper self-knowledge, epiphany, or tools for change, we will move collaboratively to bring to life concerning issues or relational problems.  I work with Individuals, Couples, Children, and Families from a Client-Centered and Emotionally-focused perspective in a safe and supportive environment.

I also incorporate non-traditional, yet research-based approaches, such as Somatic (body-based) therapeutic approach in tandem with Mindfulness and Expressive-Arts. These modalities help bring forth content that is often otherwise hidden.

Yon Walls holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology with Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate from Sofia
University in Palo, Alto, CA. Additionally, she also has completed a Master’s in English & Creative Writing from Mills College, Oakland, CA (2000).  Currently, Ms. Walls works as an MFT Trainee at Life Compass, under the supervision of Lee Ockenden, LMFT #38216.

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