Samuel Elson, AMFT

Part of the human experience includes deep feelings of isolation and loneliness. Conversely, we are also built for connection and resiliency. If you are to reach out to me, you have broken through that aspect of “aloneness”, at least temporarily, and you have followed your instinct toward healing and growth. Therapy may close the circuit on feeling alone with the pain and struggle of your unique experience.

I truly enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families seeking perspective, support, and freedom from distress or what may feel confusing and conflicted.  Depending on your need, I can be direct, incorporate humor and normalcy to your unique experience, or sit with you in silence until you are ready to move.

My approach starts with knowing you are the expert on you and your experiences. It is my goal to learn from you and support you in navigating your past, present, and future. Clincally, I utilize an eclectic approach to therapy to include a psychodynamic perspective, cognitive behavioral approaches, a solution-focused lens, and continued, learned modalities to capture your experience in its uniqueness.  Regardless of the approach, my focus is cemented in providing you with an environment to express yourself freely and confidently.

As a local, I work out of the Life Compass Davis office excluesively. To schedule a consult or arrange for a phone consultation, please call  530.341.8180 or complete the “request for consult” form below.


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