Melissa Revelez, ASW

Do you feel lost, disconnected and anxious? Disappointed with what your life looks like? Maybe you’re in a major transition and unsure which direction to go? Are your relationships suffering, especially the relationship you have with yourself?

At times, we suffer the painful effects of living a life that is fragmented or lacks meaning and purpose. Perhaps you’ve been carrying around memories of painful experiences, fears, or even shame that leaves you paralyzed in your journey toward establishing wholeness and meaning in your life. Do you want to feel like yourself again and move forward with peace of mind and confidence?

As a Psychodynamic therapist, I believe in the innate healing power of the body, mind and spirit. Past pain causes harmful emotions and thoughts to get trapped blocking health and potential. It’s natural to get stuck and it’s possible to break free with new resources, ways of being and practical strategies.

I will hold a warm, non-judgmental space for you to explore your concerns, gain understanding of the root causes of your suffering, and learn how to release pain. I incorporate somatic and mindful interventions to increase body/mind integration and strengthen inner resources for emotional regulation. With my strengths-based approach, I offer a skillful and empathetic partnership toward your empowerment. I give honest feedback and compassionately illuminate unskillful beliefs. I will help you gain clarity and personal freedom to facilitate a higher degree of well-being in your life.



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