Jessica Oyemade, APCC

My work lies in helping those whose relationships and overall life connections are being negatively impacted by symptoms of depression, anxiety, or trauma; OR, maybe you’ve identified struggles with stress or self-esteem. Whether it’s a life transition in loss, relationships, feeling stuck, or that “I just don’t know”, my goal is to help create for you a very specific space for growth, new vision, and healing that you will carry with confidence into your life journey.
I honor the fact that sometimes permission to “be human” is forgotten. I believe permission to be vulnerable, whether in a therapeutic setting or in life, can only occur when one is supported and emotionally safe. Through our work together I hope to help you create that safety from within.
My approach is integrated, which allows me to remain open and attuned to my clients. I use elements from CBT, person-centered, emotion-focused & strength-based therapies. I strive to maintain knowledge in up-to-date practices with a focus on mind, body, emotion– to integrate the entire human experience.
  • License No. and State: 2864 California
  • Supervisor Name: Lee Donald Ockenden
  • Supervisor License: 38216 California
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