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Lee Ockenden, LMFT

Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor 
As a seasoned psychotherapist and trainer of more than 15 years, Lee Ockenden  has guided both individuals and couple through breakthrough and growth.  Lee Ockenden’s aggressive, outcome-based approach yields quick results and long lasting solutions.

Sevil Gonen, MFTI

Marriage & Family Therapy Intern
Sevil Gonen. M.A. is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in Davis, California, where she is supervised by Lee Ockenden, LMFT. She has been working with challenged families and individuals for 8 years which led her way into her passion as a therapist.
She finds the value in the staying in the here and now, rather than dwelling on the past events or traumas, in a collaborative manner, she illuminates the specific areas of change each client desires to make. She enjoys working with adolescents, individuals, couples, and issues around aging. Her professional and life experience fills in the gaps where her formal training leaves off. A good part of her training is in the areas of client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy and dialectical-behavioral therapy. While each individual needs are different, Sevil adjusts the therapeutic modalities as they fit the client’s needs and goals.
When Sevil is not working with her clients, she enjoys and finds tranquility in the outdoors, arts and crafts, gardening, traveling, and time with her friends and family; in addition, she is raising a rambunctious puppy who has hopes of becoming a therapy dog one day.

Sevil works under the supervision of Lee Ockenden, LMFT #38216.

Jamie Alvarez, LMFT

Clinical Supervisor
Dr. Alvarez serves as clinical supervisor and maintains a private practice with Life Compass. She enjoys working with clients who are ready to figure out how to be happy. Barriers to happiness are not limited to the mental realm and may include physical issues, sexual issues, relationship issues, and spiritual issues.

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Are We a Right Fit?

One-on-One Coaching My clients change.  This is something I say often.  And it is true. The vast majority of my clients achieve success for themselves. This is because I only work with clients who I believe will succeed. If I sense up-front that someone isn’t right for my approach, I’d rather not take take their time or money.  Read below to find out if you and I were meant to be… My clients – Are looking for a short-term boost rather than a long-term solution. Want to passively have someone “fix them”. Are serious about getting their problem solved. Are ready to take responsibility for their lives and relationships. I look forward to working with you if – You are ready to do the work it takes to get your goal accomplished. You are ready to learn and change to achieve your outcome. You take responsibility for your decisions and actions. You want a natural, drug-free solution to your issue. A few other things you should know about me – Pricing:  The services I offer enable clients to make profound changes in their lives, usually very quickly.  I charge accordingly. Approach: All work is done with a tailored, one-on-one approach working with me directly.  There are no use of scripts, light/sound goggles or CDs.  In addition to weekly goal oriented solutions, working with me often involves coaching and tasks done outside of the office. Yes, I give “homework”.  Medication:  I cannot prescribe, nor am I a proponent of psychotropic drugs. That being said, I understand that they can be a short term buffer between “no longer” and “not yet”. ...

Thinking As a Way of Being

Those of us on the path of personal and spiritual growth have a tendency to analyze our unhappiness in order to find the causes and make improvements. But it is just as important, if not more so, to analyze our happiness. Since we have the ability to rise above and observe our emotions, we can recognize when we are feeling joyful and content. Then we can harness the power of the moment by savoring our feelings and taking time to be grateful for them. Recognition is the first step in creating change, therefore recognizing what it feels like to be happy is the first step toward sustaining happiness in our lives. We can examine how joy feels in our bodies and what thoughts run through our minds in times of bliss. Without diminishing its power, we can retrace our steps to discover what may have put us in this frame of mind, and then we can take note of the choices we’ve made while there. We might realize that we are generally more giving and forgiving when there’s a smile on our face, or that we are more likely to laugh off small annoyances and the actions of others when they don’t resonate with our light mood. Once we know what it feels like and can identify some of the triggers and are aware of our actions, we can recreate that happiness when we are feeling low. Knowing that like attracts like, we can pull ourselves out of a blue mood by focusing on joy. We might find that forcing ourselves to be giving and forgiving, even when it...

What is PTSD?

PTSD is the acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and refers to a cluster of symptoms that result from a past trauma. But what’s a trauma?. Trauma refers to a psychological or emotional imprint that occurs when an event or series events threatens our sense of safety or well-being to the extent that our minds react to protect us from any further exposure. In order to protect ourselves until we are either healthy enough or supported well enough to address issues from the past, sometimes, our experience or memory of a traumatizing event can be compartmentalized or stored away. PTSD can be diagnosed as soon as 30 days after an event or as long as 30 years or more after an event. The good news is that the healing process can begin at any...