Inertia Dewitt, AMFT

My clients are clever and strong– they have survived trauma pasts, or are currently keeping up despite carrying with the burden of anxiety, depression, and fear. My clients come from all walks of life– they are diverse and their personal stories are as well. They are not in need of “advice”, but instead seek uplifting, support, and nurturing. My clients are sometimes also stuck in old patterns that once worked to help them survive, yet don’t seem to be enough anymore. It is time for new resources, new ways of being, and processing of the past– so as to stop repeating old patterns, behaviorally, emotionally, or otherwise.
My aim is to provide safe and sound therapeutic experiences for my clients to deepen self-awareness and strengthen their inner power. I am a firm believer of the innate healing power of the body and I help clients tap into this process. Everything is in motion and movement is a sign of vitality; I aim to help you reclaim and embrace your own vitality.
You deserve to feel peace and joy in your life. You deserve to shine your light. You deserve to express yourself and be heard. You deserve a safe space to heal. My name is Inertia QED Dewitt– I would be honored to walk alongside you in your journey towards healing and growth. If and when you are ready, I look forward to hearing from you.

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